Any 5 (AMBER, EXCEL or GC SELECT +PLUS SHIPPING) ASSET CLA AMBER Asset CLA Amber – (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), abbreviated as CLA Amber, is an essential fatty acid known for its body weight management properties. CLA Amber utilizes the core fat burning hormones within the body that are responsible for key metabolic processes such as: suppressing appetite and burning fat.† While carrying some body fat is essential to sustain life, the problem starts when we store too much body fat. CLA Amber helps to reduce body fat while altering the way the body uses and stores fat for energy. CLA Amber assists with the metabolism of stored body fat for fuel and prevents the decrease in metabolism due to dieting. CLA Amber is also effective in helping you to lose weight by breaking down unwanted fat cells and flushing them from your system.† Because excessive body fat can contribute to diabetes and heart disease by disrupting fat metabolism, CLA Amber is believed to have the following health benefits: lowering cholesterol, increases energy, improve immune system functioning, increase metabolism, increases lean muscle mass and improve fat loss efforts especially in the abdominal area. ASSET EXCEL Asset Excel’s unique blend of African Mango, Raspberry Ketones, and Acai Berry assists in increasing the body’s fat burning potential while helping to break through your stubborn weight loss barrier. Active ingredients, Green Tea and Apple Cider Vinegar help to increase energy, control hunger and assist the body in maintaining a healthy alkaline pH level. Excel’s powerful combination focuses on balancing the entire inner body system while adding benefits of antioxidant protection and a wide range of other health benefits such as: improving digestion, regulating blood sugars, lowering cholesterol levels and helping to prevent premature aging. ASSET GC SELECT If you’re ready to take your weight loss to the next level, then let Asset GC (Garcinia Cambogia) Select with 60% HCA, help you obtain the distinct advantage you’ve been searching for.Asset GC (Garcinia Cambogia) Select is formulated using pure Garcinia Cambogia extract which is derived from the rinds of a unique fruit commonly known as the tamarind and contains Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) – an acid that blocks fats and sugar, while simultaneously suppressing the appetite.Asset GC (Garcinia Cambogia) Select helps to control cravings, curb emotional or stress eating, stabilize cortisol levels and in turn, decrease fat. Such biochemistry changes within the internal system also, helps to increase serotonin levels, remove bad cholesterol from the blood stream, assist in reducing triglycerides and free fatty acids.


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